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The Town Clerk is a Charter Officer of the Town of Melbourne Beach and reports to the Town Manager. The Town Clerk administers the recording of actions and maintains official records of the Town and the Town Commission. The Town Clerk administers Town elections and also provides support services to the Mayor and Town Commission and various boards and committees.

NOTICE per Chapter 119, Florida Statutes – The Office of the Town Clerk is the Town of Melbourne Beach’s custodian of public records, where official records of the Town of Melbourne Beach are routinely created, sent, received and maintained. The location of and record request contact information for the Town Clerk’s Office is 507 Ocean Avenue, Melbourne Beach, FL  32951; 321-724-5860; email to; fax 321-984-8994. For Police Department Records, contact Amber Garrity, Melbourne Beach Police, 507 Ocean Avenue, Melbourne Beach FL  32951; 321-723-4343; email to; or fax to 321-725-3253.


  1. Serves as official scribe for the Town Commission; prepares meeting agendas, records and minutes. Preserves official meeting minutes and other official documents. Provides support to the Town Commission, including correspondence, mail, telephone calls, emails, etc.
  2. Serves as Records Custodian of all Town records.
  3. Compiles all ordinances for codification in the Town Code of Ordinances.
  4. Supervises preparation of advertisements for all public hearings and the publication of all legal notices.
  5. Attests all ordinances, resolutions, contracts and deeds. Administers public employee’s oath to all employees.
  6. Maintains municipal deeds’ leases, agreements and other records as required.
  7. Prepares correspondence, proclamations and resolutions.
  8. Maintains custody of official seal and affixes seal on official documents.
  9. Provides for response to public records and informational requests received from the public, staff or other agencies and interested parties as provided by the State Statutes.
  10. Provides notary public services.
  11. Serves as election official to the Town. Certifies all candidates for the general municipal elections, maintains receipts and validity of all election petitions and certifies to the State of Florida, Division of Elections the results of all municipal elections.
  12. Serves as Financial Disclosure Coordinator for the Town.
  13. Assists in preparation of the annual budget for the Town Commission and the Town Clerk’s Department for review by the Town Manager. Monitors expenditures for compliance with the approved budget. Advertises the Town budget and certifies to the State Department of Revenue the fiscal year millage and budget.
  14. Responsible for processing applications, preparing agenda packets and producing minutes for Town boards, ie Town Commission.
  15. Maintains record of all board and committee appointments. Ensures an individual’s eligibility to hold appointed office.
  16. Collects Business Taxes and issues Business Tax Receipts. Accepts applications and issues Itinerant Peddler Licenses; has the authority to revoke such licenses after a hearing. Accepts and enacts (by setting a date for hearing before the Town Commission) appeals of permit or denial or revocation.
  17. Receives and certifies sealed bids in competitive bidding process. Receives the notices of protest and/or appeal.
  18. Acts as “Appeals Officer” in competitive bidding situations and Code Enforcement Appeals.
  19. Serves as editor to the Town Newsletter.
  20. Coordinates postings to the Town’s website. Ensures that all applicable recordings of the Town’s meetings are available online in accordance with Town policy.
  21. Keeper of the official Town Boundaries Map.

Staff Contacts

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Jennifer Torres Town Clerk