Downloadable Forms & Permits



Permit Application and Permit Documents need to be:

  • On the Newest Town Application Form (2017 Building Code)
  • Complete with ALL Required Signatures
  • Separated Into Two Complete Sets
  • Include Payment or Deposit With Application.
  • Contain All Contractor Information and Contractor Information Must be Current in Our System.

The above forms are in Adobe Acrobat format. You may download Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe website by clicking here.

Form NamePurpose/Description
Building Permit Application

This form is to be used when you wish to apply for permission to construct or renovate various buildings, mechanicals, electricals and/or other features on a parcel or lot. (Please download and complete all required forms.)

Fasteners Affadavit

This form is to be used for fasteners affadavit when required.

Notice of Commencement

This form is to be used for permit with a job value of $2,500 or more ($7,500 for mechanical)

Owner Builder Affidavit

This form is needed for any homeowner completing or supervising his or her own permitted work.

Tree Removal Permit Application

Per 9A-4 of the Town Code of Ordinances a tree removal permit is required to remove any tree on your property.

Right-Of-Way CovenantThis form is to be used for the construction of a driveway with materials other than broom finished concrete or asphalt.
Fence in Right-Of-Way AffadavitThis form is to be used for construction of a fence within a utility right-of-way.
Development Application and ProcedureTo all applications which require submission of a site plan for review by Town Staff, Planning & Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment, and/or Town Commission, including but not necessarily limited to the following:
  • Applications for site plan approval of single-family homes as per Section 7A-51/7A-51.1
  • Applications for site plan approval for multi-family, commercial, institutional and all other site plans as per Section 7A-51/7A-51.1
  • Applications for plat approval (Land Use and Rezoning)
  • Applications for Special Exception
  • Applications for Variance or Coastal Variance
  • Applications for Appeal (Mandatory Pre- Application Meeting does not apply)
New Business Application

This application is used if you have or plan to open a business office, shop or facility within the Town limits of Melbourne Beach. This application is also used if you intend to utilize a space in your home for a business office, where you conduct record keeping, telephone calls and/or internet sales. Commercial vehicle or equipment storage is NOT permitted on residential property. Also, you may NOT receive customers or deliveries at your residential business.

Peddler, Itinerant Merchant and Solicitors ApplicationThis application should be returned to Town Hall. It will need the approval of the Chief of police, the Building Official, the Town Manager and the Town Clerk.