Town Attorney

Duties & Responsibilities

This office shall be held by an attorney, appointed by the Commission. The salary of the Town Attorney shall be fixed by the Commission. The Town Attorney shall be legal advisor and attorney to the officers of the Town in matters affecting the Town or relating to their official duties; prosecute and defend in behalf of the Town all civil actions in which the Town is a party; prepare and endorse written instruments in which the Town is concerned; be prosecutor in the Town court; and perform other duties as the Commission may require or as may be prescribed by general state law, consistent with this Charter and with ordinances or resolutions of the Commission. One or more assistants may perform any duties of the Town Attorney. The Town Attorney and his assistants shall be lawyers admitted to and having authority to practice in all courts of the state, as well as the Federal District Court.


Clifford R. Repperger Jr.

Clifford R. Repperger Jr. is an attorney with RosswaySwan

Cliff dedicates a large portion of his practice to real estate, land use and development, and local government law. He is also an experienced litigator who is competent to handle a wide-range of civil litigation matters and appeals.

Cliff regularly addresses real estate, land use, environmental, and developmental permitting issues for high profile properties and projects in Brevard County, including the “Dragon Point” property on Merritt Island. The scope of projects Cliff routinely handles range from single family residential lots to large scale regional commercial centers. He places significant emphasis on achieving results for clients through positive and productive working relationships with various local and state government and regulatory agencies. In implementing this philosophy, Cliff relies heavily on his vast prior and current experience representing and working with numerous public sector agencies.

Cliff currently serves as the Town Attorney for the Town of Melbourne Beach. He is also General Counsel to the Barefoot Bay Recreation District. Cliff formerly served as Assistant City Attorney for the City of Cape Coral, Assistant County Attorney for the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners, Board Attorney for the Brevard County Contractors’ Licensing Board, General Counsel to the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections, and Assistant State Attorney for the 18th Judicial Circuit. Cliff joined GrayRobinson in 2005. He became a partner at RosswaySwan in 2018.