Finance Department

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The Town Of Melbourne Beach operates on a fiscal year from 10/1 through 9/30.

The Public is invited to participate in the annual budget process, which begins with several workshops to discuss tentative, general fund budgets.  The workshops generally begin in May or June.

The Finance Manager advises the Town Administration on the budget, the financial direction of the Town, and the financial oversite of all operations of the Town, including the expenditure of all appropriated public funds .


For information on tax exemptions for limited-income senior citizens, please visit

Duties and Responsibilites

Accounting and Auditing:

  • administration of the general ledgerdebt managment and capital financing
  • financial reporting
  • treasury services
  • inventory managment
  • fixed asset management.

Budget Administration:

  • prepares revenue and expenditure projections
  • provides budget instructions
  • fiscal recommendations to the Town Administration
  • controls departmental expenditures
  • prepares budget resolutions

Grant Administration:

  • compliance
  • reimbursement collection

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Town Revenue Collection

Town Liability and Property Insurance

Human Resources:

  • employee benefits
  • employment opportunities
  • payroll processing
  • personnel records
  • pension programs
  • risk management
  • training
  • worker's compensation

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jennifer Kerr Finance Manager