Vacant / Vacation House Check Request

When you leave town you may submit a form asking the Melbourne Beach Police Department to check on your house for you while you are gone.

Please ensure you understand the following house check guidelines:

  • Officers will not check houses that are for sale/rent/vacant or if someone is staying at the residence
  • The house check program has a 6-month limit
  • Homeowner must have an available keyholder who can respond within 30 minutes
  • It is very important that homeowners secure all windows and doors in the residence before leaving the area
  • If there are any changes to the information on this form, the homeowner is responsible for notifying the Department at the non-emergency number (321) 723-4343 to ensure that officers do not respond to activity at the household hat has been authorized by the homeowner
  • The homeowner is responsible for cancelling housewatch upon return to town

Please complete the form below and submit to notify the Department of your request.

Submitter Address & Contact Information
Requested Start & End Dates
Local Contact Information
This person must have a key to the residence and be able to respond within 30 minutes should any issue arise during the house check.
Home Information
Include tag number, vehicle make, and color.