Illicit Discharge

Town of Melbourne Beach Illicit Stormwater Discharge Brochure

Illicit Discharge Reporting

An Illicit Discharge is defined as:

Any discharge of the Town’s municipal separate storm sewer system or to waters of the United States which is not entirely of stormwater, unless exempted pursuant to F.S. 27-28, to the discharge to the Town’s municipal storm separate sewer system or to waters of the United States which is not in compliance with federal, Florida or local permits.

illicit stormwater infographic

How You Can Avoid Illicit Discharge
  • Don't use pesticides
  • Irrigate property to avoid runoff in the streets that could reach storm drains or canals
  • Don't add excess fertilizer to your yard
  • Filter swimming pool water before discharging
  • Blow grass clippings back onto the lawn - don't leave them on the pavement
  • Wash cars on the lawn, avoid collecting water on paved areas
  • Create shallow retention areas in your yard and divert driveway runoff to them
  • Route roof gutter downsprouts to grassy areas
  • Check vehicles for fluid leaks and repair when necessary
Steps The Town is Taking to Reduce Discharge of Pollutants
  • Working with pesticide and herbicide applicators to ensure all town project workers are stace-licensed and certified
  • Providing stormwater pollution prevention literature to vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Periodically providing street sweeping services, monitoring the amount of collected materials and ensuring proper disposal
  • Ensuring that staff members conducting lawn maintenance properly dispose of clippings rather than blowing them into streets or storm drains
  • Training town staff iin spill prevention and contaminants and illicit discharge identification and investigation.
  • Disposing of hazardous waste at the Brevard County Land Fill located at 3379 Sarno Rd, Melbourne, FL (For questions on hazardous waste please call 321-635-7954)

Illicit Discharge Reporting