Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season lasts from June 1, 2019 through November 30. To help ensure residents are equipped to handle the season, the Town and Brevard County want to ensure as much preparedness information as possible is made available.

Prior to the height of hurricane season, Melbourne Beach residents are encouraged to sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Alert System. It is put into action when needed to send out emergency messages by phone, text, and email. These messages are sent for large-scale precautionary boil water notices that can be caused by major water line breaks.

To register online, click here. Otherwise, you can call the ECO Division at 321-608-5080 to register.

For Before the Storm Preparation:

Helpful Sites:

Some Steps To Take Now:

  • Remove dead tree limbs, branches, and palm fronds from trees
  • Trim trees back if needed
  • Avoid trash buildup and yard debri that could get caught up in high winds and inflict injury to people or damage property. This sort of debri could also get caught up in storm drains and canals and increase the potential for flooding
  • Check fencing. Perform regular maintenance and check for loose or weak boards to replace as necessary. If your fence is very old, it could be rotten or unstable and could cause major damage if ripped from the ground in high winds.
  • Loose objects like lawn decorations or deck furniture can be easily blown around the yard and become dangerous during a storm, be sure to remove any objects that aren't secured into the ground if a hurricane is coming.