Department History

The Melbourne Beach Police Department was created in 1947. In the beginning there was just one Police Officer, Chief Orval Gardenour, serving a population of 100 residents. The Chief answered calls for service 24 hours a day driving his 1938 Hudson. Apprehending turtle poachers and helping tourists dig their cars out of the sand was all in a days work.

As the demand for services increased the department expanded and currently consists of Chief Griswold, 2 Sergeants, 7 Officers, and 1 Administrative Assistant. The Melbourne Beach Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency providing service 24/7.

The Melbourne Beach Police Department is connected to the “9-1-1” emergency system and calls are dispatched through a regional dispatch center.

Black and white photo of a police car with an officer standing in front of it

Black and white officer staff photo