Sea Turtle Nesting Season

After 9, it's turtle time! Close curtains & blinds or turn off lights

Did you know that turtle nesting season has started? From March to November, female sea turtles will return to our beaches to lay their eggs. Nesting and hatching is a very difficult process for sea turtles. What can you do to help?

  • Avoid lights on the beach at night (flashlights, cell phones, other sources of artificial light)
  • NEVER disturb a nest or turtle
  • If you dig a hole on the beach, fill it and smooth the sand before leaving
  • When boating, obey speed signs and don't anchor in seagrass
  • Pick up litter to prevent turtles from mistaking trash for food
  • If you see a turtle, hatchling, or nest you think is in distress, contact the Sea Turtle Preservation Society Emergency Voicemail at (321) 206-0646

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Let's make Melbourne Beach the best place it can be for sea turtles!