Help Protect Your Lagoon and Local Infrastructure

The Town of Melbourne Beach Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the stormwater drains in our Town. One part of that responsibility is to clean and maintain the baffle boxes. The purpose of these baffle boxes is to catch and retain as much of the harmful materials as possible before they are poured into our Lagoon. Each time we conduct the cleanings of the baffle boxes we are amazed at the amount of grass cuttings, leaves, newspapers, and drink containers we remove.

We are asking you to please remember that the Town codes state grass clippings and leaves are not to be pushed or blown out into our streets. When this is done the stormwater carries all of that to the lagoon. We can only capture a portion of the leaves and cuttings but much of it escapes into the Lagoon.

Please do not throw debris such as drink cans and bottles into the drains. Be sure to pick up the various newspapers sometimes thrown onto your driveways. 

With the arrival of spring, residents will begin grooming their lawns and landscaped areas. Utilizing various forms of lawn fertilizers may be a part of that. You may want to visit the website This site offers valuable insight into the use of fertilizers that are acceptable for use in Brevard County. This is our “go-to” site when we have questions as to the proper steps to protect our Lagoon.

We appreciate you doing your part to help protect our lagoon and the local infrastructure that helps to keep it clean!